Is your ad targeting falling short of expectations? There’s a potent new digital bullseye on the block offering a state-of-the-art targeting strategy. Enter, Venue Replay.

IP targeting is a cutting-edge marketing tactic whereby captured IP addresses are matched to physical locations. Companies utilizing IP targeting are able to ship out digital ads tailored to consumers on any device linked to home networks.

But now, IP targeting is reaching new peaks with a unique branch called venue replay.

Imagine wanting to hit a gold mine of aspiring musicians. Perhaps you own a company that sells starter music equipment. With venue replay, you no longer have to go to great marketing lengths to dig for consumers. Instead, you can easily pinpoint individuals with a high likelihood of interest in your product or service. And they’ll walk right into your pre-set boundaries at musicians institutes, music stores, music studios, and the like.

By using venue replay, you’re able to collect information from high-value consumers—the ones that are actually worth seeing your digital ads. Let’s explore some of the reasons why venue replay is about to upend your marketing strategy.

What is Venue Replay?

Venue replay is a targeting system that packs a formidable punch. In simple terms, venue replay is used to target attendees of specific venues—concerts, sporting events, restaurants, classes at fitness centers, etc. If a consumer attends a sporting event, venue replay allows clients to remarket to consumers after the event. This narrows down appeal—those attending sporting events are more likely to return to events in the future or buy sport-themed products. Those that have no interest in sporting goods or events have a high unlikelihood of frequenting these venues (unless they’re being dragged along).

If you own a restaurant, venue replay could potentially be used to redirect consumers that frequent a competitor restaurant. Once you understand a consumer’s interests, targeted ads can serve as a gentle reminder to return to a location, entice them to buy a product they’d likely be interested in or visit a new location of interest.

How Does Venue Replay Work?

While IP targeting will lock into the physical address of the device’s user, venue replay enables marketers to enclose a specific location inside a geo-frame, capturing ID’s of devices connected to a venue’s network in that location for a set time. A client interested in venue replay identifies target locations and a geo-frame is built around that location.

Where geo-fencing blasts out advertisements to consumers that enter a “fenced” location, geo-framing is utilized to capture the devices for future targeting. Geo-fencing will cease advertisements after a consumer is out of the predetermined area, where geo-framing’s motive is to capture the devices information to use at a later time.

When setting boundaries around a location (venue), companies are then able to identify devices after they exit the boundary. Marketers are then able to target smartphones, tablets, and laptops with digital banner ads—without the use of cookies.

Setting Back the Clock

Venue replay can also access device information at venues up to six months prior. If you want to target fans that attended a basketball game a week ago, all of the gadgets connected to the venue’s network are available when utilizing venue replay. If you sell yoga merchandise and want to serve an audience that attended a specialized yoga class at a fitness center last month, you can capture the connected devices.

If a client happens upon a past event that catered entirely to their target market, the opportunity hasn’t passed. Venue replay allows the client to capture the audience, creating a highly effective targeting practice.

After the Venue

After the venue is where the marketing magic happens. Upon leaving the venue, clients “follow” the consumer home, targeting devices at the home address and across all connected devices. Venue replay will narrow down a likely home location of selected venue devices and the home network can then be served with digital banner ads using IP Targeting.

And it doesn’t stop there. Data can continue to be excavated for further segmentation for supplementary targeted advertising for as long as the client wishes.

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